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    Breaking: Text Messages Reveal Von Miller Prayed for Fiance to Miscarry Their Baby

    The former face of the NFL, Superbowl MVP and current Denver Bronco, Von Miller looks to be in deep shit, especially from a public image standpoint. Miller finds himself in this situation after a woman named Megan Denise, who is now his former fiance, and a former stripper, revealed troubling statements the couple have shared via texts messages and Instagram. These texts got very heated as they were speaking about their child which became extremely evident that Miller doesn’t want her to have his child going as far to say, “I’m honestly praying for a miscarriage.” After the release, Miller wrote on his Instagram Story that this is all “fake news, lol.” He added,…

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    COVID-19 & The NFL Playoff Bubble?

    As we head towards the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Season, the NFL is feeling the effects of COVID-19. Creating a bubble for its playoffs would help ensure enough competitive balance.

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    NFL Hall of Famer Fred Dean Dies from Coronavirus

    Reports have surfaced that legendary NFL Hall of Famer and former 49ers defensive end Fred Dean has died from the coronavirus after being hospitalized last week. Dean was drafted by the San Diego Chargers and played with them for seven years becoming a perennial pro bowler. Fred capped off his career with a trade to the San Francisco 49ers in 1981 getting the prestigious defensive player of the year award for the NFC that same year. Dean helped the team win two Superbowl’s with the greatest quarterback ever in Joe Montana and under the coaching genius of Bill Walsh, retiring in 1985 from the game. Our prayers go out to his family and…

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    With Washington Retiring Their Name Could The Kansas City Chiefs Be Next?

    The Washington Redskins name and Native American logo are officially retired, is this a sign of things to come for the Chiefs? The franchise said on July 3 of this month that it was undergoing a thorough review of its 87-year-old name, which is viewed as derogatory. Dan Snyder who is the team owner was already in talks with the league about a possible new name. Adam Schefter reported that the franchise would not use any Native American imagery. Washington’s logo of an American Indian chief was designed by a Native American in 1971. Washington will, however, keep the burgundy and gold colors and it’s new team name and logo…

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    Vince McMahon May Not Be The Bidder For The XFL, But Is Shane McMahon?

    XFL Owner and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said Tuesday that he is no longer interested in purchasing the XFL in a buyback for the ages. McMahon ha promised $500 million to be invested into the XFL over the following three years but due to the coronavirus, it was revealed in his court filing he had already invested $200 million in the past few years of his own money. Rumors surfaced last week by the Athletic that McMahon filing chapter 11 bankruptcy months ago was part of a masterful plan. Even creditor’s believed there was a maniacal plan to buyback the XFL all along to avoid paying who he owed and…

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    2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

    We are less than one month from the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s time once again for FinFlam to take a shot at predicting the 1st 10 Selections in the 1st Round. Our Mock Draft 2.0 keeps in line with our Mock Draft 1.0, with the exception of one massive trade at pick 9, where a playoff team from 2019 drafts its QB of the Future. Overall, 3 projected selections are changed from our first mock draft with those being picks, 8, 9, and 10. Here is our NFL Mock Draft 2.0 Round 1 Pick 1: Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow – QB, LSU No change from our Mock Draft 1.0…

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    The Top 5 NFL MVP Candidates for 2020

    These are mere predictions especially considering that we may not even have a 2020 NFL season, especially with how ridiculous this coronavirus pandemic is getting out of hand. The virus has already ended the NBA, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the XFL season, NHL Season among postponing Golf events and halting live events for music and wrestling among other forms of entertainment or sports. These rankings will include the quarterbacks season statistical projections, team records, where their playoff runs will end and who will win the coveted NFL MVP Award. Here’s hoping the world and sports world resumes to normal activity soon. Which Quarterback Will Be MVP? Honorable Mentions: Phillip Rivers,…

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    WWE vs Coronavirus – The Showcase of the Immorals!

    WWE is a company that rarely shuts its doors, for this company, “The Show Must Go On” is always the mantra they live by and is embedded in their minds. With most professional and collegiate sports shutting down and the UFC decreasing the number of events they are running, the pressure is on for the company to press on or bring production to a halt. Is it time for the WWE to take a break until it’s safe to run shows? Recently, WWE and ESPN struck a deal to air WrestleMania on Sundays, until WrestleMania 36 on April 4th and 5th. The first replay was WrestleMania 30, which included John…

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    2020 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

    As the NFL heads towards a new year and the start of free agency, it’s time to start thinking about the draft. With that being said, here is Finflam Sports’ Top 10 Mock Draft 1.0 Round 1 Pick 1: Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow – QB, LSU Joe Burrow is the obvious pick, he was the best QB in college football last year. Burrow’s year rivaled that of Cam Newton’s 2010-11 Heisman Year. Joe Burrow’s two years at LSU include an average to slightly above average year and a Heisman winning, dominate year. The jump Burrow took was massive and could be cause for concern. Tua Tagovailoa could be an…